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Houston Skyline BCS’s mission is to be the premier volleyball club in the Brazos Valley and beyond. Based upon the solid foundation of Houston Skyline and League One Volleyball’s programming, structure, and resources, we will develop and showcase our athletes on both a local and national level. We will provide players with holistic training in order to facilitate success, while building a lifelong community that goes beyond the court.

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Skyline BCS is an affiliate of Houston Skyline and is part of League One Volleyball. It is the only club in the Brazos Valley that is a member of League One Volleyball (LOVB). LOVB is unique in that it is focused on growing the game of volleyball and is creating a new home for American professional volleyball built from the grassroots up. Each pro team builds from an ever-growing nationwide community of vision-aligned junior clubs.


As a member of a League One Volleyball Club, athletes have access to the following: 


  • Holistic athlete training resources covering mind, body, and craft, as well as life skill developmental support beyond the sport

  • Scholarships to significantly increase player access to the sport

  • National-level recruiting platform that empowers athletes to find the best college fit based on their personal educational and athletic goals

  • New pathway to career opportunities at the Pro level in the US

  • A lifelong LOVB community with resources to support each other in volleyball and in life

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Professional volleyball is coming to Houston! Check out the LOVB Houston Volleyball's website for more information!     LOVB HOUSTON VOLLEYBALL           




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Looking for more training opportunities? Check out the Houston, Katy, and Woodlands locations. 

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